+ About Olly Wear

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+Our Story

Olly Wear is the result of a lifelong love of sports and a deep appreciation of personal expression and individuality, backed by more than a decade of experience designing and manufacturing custom competition apparel. We celebrate the body’s form with meticulous attention to fit, fabric and function; a commitment to made-to-order production values; and vibrant patterns and designs, in partnership with artists.


We aim to break down style barriers for all sports – Let your personality move you! Sublimation onto the highest quality performance fabrics means the possibilities are endless, with weightless and long-lasting vibrancy.

The founding team is made up of competitors from the following sports: Equestrian, football, figure skating, rugby, competition shooting, and cycling.

Olly Wear, established in 2019, is proudly Made in the USA. Our vertically integrated process, from design and sublimation, to cutting and sewing, takes place within our New York design center.

We are conscious of our impact on the environment. Our production process utilizes water-based inks, creates no waste water or chemical fumes, and does not yield excessive fabric waste.